Tuesday, September 14, 2010

(Indie)Pendent Business: Big Style for Little People!

Locally owned and operated website UrbanBabyRunway.com is expanding and bringing it's sense of style from the vast interwebs to the streets of Baltimore. Opening in Hampden Sept. 17th, Urban Baby is the brick and mortar children's store owned by Baltimore mama Cara Shrock. The website has been operating since 2006 shortly after Cara's son turned 1. She decided to open the webstore first as a way of starting a business and continue to stay at home with her child.
"I wasn't willing to sacrifice some of the parenting choices I would have had to in order to run a store." Since her son started school full time this fall she has had more time to dedicate to running and expanding the business.
"I figured it was now or never. Plus, I have really been itching to get out of the house. Working from home for the last 4 years and mothering in the spare time around that, I was starting to feel a bit isolated. My mind needed more stimulation and new challenges. And so far this has been quite a challenge!"

The lines and designers Urban Baby carries are all carefully chosen by Cara, many are local or were started by other stay at home mom's. The collections are definitely on the edgier side of fashion for kids and appeal to urban hip parents.
"I've tried to focus on small lines that aren't oversaturing the online market. I've gotten to know most of the companies I work with pretty well. Almost all of them are moms just like me so I like knowing my money (and my customers' money) is going to support another family."
Knuckleheads, one of Cara's favorite brands for boys, features fedora's for infants, skateboard inspired onesies, and button down shirts with a Rockabilly flavor.
"They are a bit bigger than most of the brands I carry but the quality is good, always stylish season after season and it's a reputable brand customers know. Having a strong, well known brand balances out the smaller lines. A brand like Knuckleheads draws in the customers which gives me an opportunity to introduce lines they may not have heard of otherwise."

Urban Baby is located 3608 Falls Road, Baltimore MD 21211.

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