Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ginger Pear Tea

Try a cup of hot ginger pear tea on a cold winter day. In many parts of the world, especially in Asia, it is believed sipping a hot ginger tea helps relieves a sore throat and ward off colds. It can be served cold as well.

(to make about 8 servings)
* 1 cup of thin sliced (about 0.25") fresh ginger roots
* 1 pear - sliced, 1" thickness. (If you are using Asian pear that is normally bigger than other types of pear, use 1/2 pear instead)
* 12 cups of water
* Peppercorn (optional)
* Organic spring onion roots, about 5 pieces (optional)
* Honey
Peel and slice ginger roots and pear as desired.
Press black peppercorns into sliced pear. The peppercorns add a bit more of spice. As for spring onion, use the root portion only and make sure wash them thoroughly before boiling.
In a large pot bring water, sliced ginger and pear, and spring onion root to boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to a simmer about 45 minutes or until the pears are soft.
Serve with honey. Enjoy!

Written by: In-Sung of Namoo.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jen!

aka Littlest Bean.

The Littlest Bean in Baltimore Magazine

My heart fluttered a bit when I flipped through the March issue of Baltimore Magazine.
After a quick glance at this lovely photograph, I saw that the model was adorned with a necklace (and a cluster of flower brooches!) from BEST's own, Jen Menkhaus of The Littlest Bean. Simply stunning, Jen!
It seems that this photo shoot was a collaboration between the lovely folks at Red Tree and the Baltimore Magazine. They don't call us 'Smalltimore' for nothing. What a great town we live in! Click here to see more photos from behind the scenes.

Written by Monica of Sugar Paperie.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Here! ACC starts today!

This year, the ACC show runs for four days. So purchase your discounted tickets here and get going! Here's what I'll be looking for:
One of my favorite jewelers is Elisa Shere Jewelry. Organic, modern and classic all at the same time. You can find Elisa in the Altcraft section of the show.

For only the coolest kids I know. I can't get enough of Sweet Pepita's groovy tees. Shannon Delanoy will be on the Mainfloor: Booth #319.

Written by Sugar Paperie.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Handmade Nation Returns to Baltimore

Tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 25 - 7 pm
Brown Center's Falvey Hall
1301 W. Mount Royal Ave.

In case you missed it at Artscape last summer, a screening of Handmade Nation is being held at Maryland Institute College of Art tomorrow! The director, Faythe Levine, will be presenting the film in person, with a Q & A afterward.

In 2006, first time director Levine traveled to 15 cities & Interviewed 80 artists & designers to capture the virtually tight-knit community that exists through Web sites, blogs & online stores & connects to the greater public through independent boutiques, galleries & craft fairs. Interviews were also conducted in artists' studios & homes.

I've seen this movie, and it's amazing. If you love this community, please go see it!

The Countdown to ACC - 1 day to go!

Here are some more goodies that you can find in the AltCraft section of the ACC show.
From greenstarstudio comes a super sweet, felt and fleece Folkie! And I hear that they're
only ONE of the new things from greenstarstudio that will be premiering at ACC.
I adore these Graffiti Rings by Dandelion Blu. Each is one of a kind, enamel on copper set in sterling silver with adjustable bands.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Countdown to ACC - 2 days to go!

As with many of you, it's become an annual tradition of mine to check out the American Craft Council Show here in Baltimore. This year will truly be a special treat, as a number of BEST artists will be exhibiting in the AltCraft section of the show. The youngest, hippest artists from around the country can be found here and I intend to check it out! Over the next few days, enjoy a sneak peak into the local talent that will be showcasing their exquisitely chic work.

I love the crisp black grout border around these pendants from The Broken Plate Pendant Company.

Sweet little talking bird cards from Bowerbox Press.

Written by Sugar Paperie.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What's in a name, greenstarstudio?

Have you ever wondered how and Etsy shop came up with their name? I do all the time. There is no mystery in my name, TheBrokenPlate, it pretty much says it all. So I decided to track some of these mysterious shops down and get the scoop. If there is a shop that you have always been curiuos about, but were to afraid to ask, leave it in the comment box, I wil be happy to play detective for you.
So, What's in a name, greenstarstudio?

Green's been my favorite color for a long time; my first love (Kermit the Frog) was green; the first car i ever REALLY wanted (a lime green beetle) was green and for years one entire room of my home was green... not painted green, but covered, as in "no exposed wall" covered, by green objects (candy wrappers, Frisbees, feathers, trinkets, book covers, toys, game pieces... COVERED). Over time, green came to also relate to certain way of working-- a more eco-conscious way, which is what I hold myself to.

The Star has been my "power symbol" for years; you get a gold star for a job well done; it's the thing that marks "you are here" on a map, they're the things i want to look at every time I'm anywhere near a planetarium; successful people are called "stars", but mostly, its because I relate to the shape as a person (two little pointy feet, two little pointy hands and one pointy head) and to me its says "stability".

When i first cast out to do this professionally (back when I was still in school), I just threw the two words together with "studio", because Illustrators always seemed to have "Studio" in their company name. I chose to run the three words together as one word and to write it in all lowercase, because that's how my name is spelled (danamarie, and my dad "invented it" and everyone always butchered it... which i never really understood caring about until i had my own "baby" to name)... so i named my baby "greenstarstudio".

it was only a few years ago that i realized that greenstarstudio had the same number of letters as danamarie (greenstar) hosler (studio). Thus, i AM a greenstar, afterall. FREAKY!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow Inspired by Yummy & Company

All the snow in the past few weeks obviously had a influence on the small batch of limited edition of rings I made this week!  
Hopefully, though, Spring will show up soon and I will get back to working on the Spring collection!
Want a little taste? Be sure to stop by and enter the "Spring Giveaway" on my blog!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's for dinner? Stew!

The perfect meal.  It's easy to make and you can adjust the ingredients to suit your tastes.
Miniatures by Fairchildart

To get started...
On a grill or griddle braise a pot roast/ pork tenderloin/chicken or meat substitute.
Meanwhile chop:
1 package of carrots
1 package of celery
4-5 onions
3 cloves of garlic
Put all veggies in crock pot. 

On top of the veggies add:
braised meat.
1 can of beef or (vegetable broth).
1 can of cream of mushroom soup.
3 tablespoons of Worchershire sauce.
3 tablespoon of Sofrito.
2 teaspoons of Adobo (I use Bohio).
1 teaspoon of pepper.
Cook everything on low for 8 hours. 

After a few hours add 6 chopped potatoes and a can of corn. Continue cooking till dinner time... We always get fresh bread to go with... delish!!!

I know it sounds like a lot of ingredients, but remember it will easily feed you for  days! This is great when you have a bunch of mouths to feed or your husband is a human eating machine like mine!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Finds - Dachshunds

From the time I was 7, I had a dachshund. My parents now have 2 and I have one of my own. They are the most wonderful breed of dog, so loving and cuddly. Here are a few Dachshund themed items I found on Etsy.

Written by Michele of Star Flight

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Three Things

Here are three items by Etsy artists. What do they have in common? Give your answer in the comments below!
First is this incredible upholstered Wingback by Spruce Home. My first purchase if I ever win the lottery!
Next these pretty little nesting bowls by JD Wolfe Pottery.

Lastly, we have these bright and fun wooly mice cat toys by Cattitude Creations.
Written By: FuzzyMug

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Favorite Handmade Treasure

During the last visit to my childhood home, I found my lost love.

How I missed you, Kermit! This was a gift from my aunt when I was very young and I have fond memories of playing with both Kermit and Miss Piggy. I also recall the standing weekly date my mom and I had, eating popcorn and watching "The Muppet Show". Who doesn't love the Muppets?

Written by Monica of Sugar Paperie.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I'm Working On: Kathy of The Garbologist's Wife

I recently finished designing several dresses that drape beautifully on small to plus sized figures! I'm expanding my line to include lots of luxuriously delicious sustainable fabrics.... I am in love with my super soft bamboo jersey knits. The ruffles are romantic, the design has modern lines with vintage appeal and they are totally wearable. I'm even setting aside the sewing machine to hand sew some vintage buttons and lace on to organic linen and cotton. You can all of my newest work available online in my Etsy shop.

Photo credit: L Hewitt Photography

Hairpieces & bolero: Smitten

Monday, February 15, 2010

Favorite Etsy Shop - Crickets Creations

I am addicted to accessories. Bags, scarves, hats, whatever it is, I want to have one to match everything that I may possibly wear at some point in my life!!! I found this great etsy shop Crickets Creations and the shop owner is one of the loveliest people that I’ve ever come across!

This Blue Jewel Handknit Scarf will be my next acquisition from Crickets. The blues and purples are one of my favorite color combinations!

This Fringe-O-Rama Scarf was what got me the first time! It’s so fun because it goes with everything!!! I love the way Cricket’s scarves are very soft and fuzzy…they will keep you warm on a cold winter’s day!!!

She has also started a line of Fringie Portrait Props to use as blankets when photographing babies. This is one of my favorite sections of her shop. I could spend hours looking at the adorable babies posing on the blankets. You can’t help but smile when you see those babies!!!

Written by Erica of CEK Custom Designs.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What's for Brunch? Quiche!

One of my favorite weekend meals is quiche. It makes perfect leftovers, and can be enjoyed during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Much to my mother's dismay, I do not follow recipes. In fact, this one changes everytime I make it. Modify the recipe below to your tastes and let me know your secret!

1/2 lb cooked meat (bacon or sausage, depending on the mood)
2 cups of frozen chopped spinach, squeezed and patted dry (broccoli is also tasty)
3 eggs, beaten
1 cup of cheddar
1 cup of milk (whole milk is the best)
1T onion (who am I kidding, I use more than that!)
fresh pressed garlic, to taste
tarragon, to taste
salt and pepper

Bake at 350 degrees for 35-45 minutes. Enjoy!

Written by Monica of Sugar Paperie.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Olympic Medal Design

I admit it, I am not a big fan of the Olympics. I struggled to find something to get excited about, until I first saw the new medals. These beauties, chosen from 48 submitted designs, were designed by two Canadian artists, Corinne Hunt and Omer Arbel. They are not only stunning to look at, but they were made from 6.8 metric tons of recycled metals from electronics collected from landfills. For the first time the medal will not be flat, but wavy to mimic the landscape of the West Coast and no two medals are alike! To learn all about the medals, please read this article from CBC News. Read more about the design process here.

In a related note, there is still time to vote in the Handmade Olympics!

Friday Finds: Valentine's Day

These items would be just perfect for a Valentine date with my husband. Here is my outfit for a night on the town.

Vintage dress by Timeless Vixen Vintage.

Necklace by In Blue Light and purse from Percy Handmade.
A card for my husband by Articulations.

And of course, dessert, from Have it Confections.

Written by Linda of Linda's Paperie.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's Go Out - Vintage Style for a Night on the Town!

I’ve recently become obsessed with the vintage side of etsy! I just love scrolling through the pages of clothing and am just amazed by the awesome things that I’ve found. I absolutely love getting all dressed up and going out to get my party on!!! Let’s take a look at what I’ll be wearing this season for an evening out, vintage style!

Fabulous 1950s Black Cocktail Dress from The Vintage Vortex.

Crazy Eyelash Sweater Coat from The Violet Junebug.

Circle Top Key necklace by Bommar.

Black Sparkle Clutch by Lotus Vintage NY.

Silver Sparkle Shoes from Fab Gab's shop.

Written by Erica of CEK Custom Designs.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baltimore Life: Sledding in the City

Wow. I don't think any of us remember a storm (and another...) of this magnitude in Baltimore. So, if you can get out your front door, bundle up and go check out the best sledding hills in the area. Have fun kids, but be careful!

Photo by faithdesired.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

RikRak's Handmade Olympics: Vote BEST

Hurray! From over 900 entries, THREE Best ladies have been nominated in the Handmade Olympics on the RikRak Studio blog! Congrats!

Please take just a second to cast your vote. If you are able to vote for each of us, we will luv u 4-ever:
Category--Favorite thrifty-foward, sustainably-minded blog, site or shop

--->Yummy & Company Tiny Valentine Planter
Category--Favorite handmade goodie with an innovative design

-->The Broken Plate Pendant
Category--Favorite handmade eco-friendly goodie
Thank you!

Pho and Photography

This Thursday February 11th, Baltimore Pho Restaurant (yummmmmmmm) will host an exhibit and fundraising event to benefit the art and photography programs of Access Art, Inc.

Swing Jackie, age 17

The Exhibit will showcase photographs from Youthlight, an award winning after school photography project based at Access Art in Southwest Baltimore. Access Art Board members will also serve as guest bartenders during the exhibit and 10% of all restaurant’s proceeds will be donated to Access Art.

Benefit Date: Thursday, February 11th
Time: 5-10 pm
Baltimore Pho Restaurant
1114 Hollins St, Baltimore MD 21223 (410) 752-4746

More about Access Art & Youthlight:
Founded in 2000, Access Art is an after school arts and media center that empowers youth to use their artistic ability and their unique understanding of their environment as catalysts for social change in their communities. Access Art delivers youth-centered after school programming to address the artistic, emotional, and cognitive development of middle and high school participants. We achieve these goals by providing students with a safe space to create, positive adult role models, empowering activities, leadership development, and alternatives to violence and high risk behavior. Access Art enables participants to learn the expressive qualities of art, while investigating their own lives. They learn to translate their unique views and feelings about the world through the visual language of image making while learning valuable art related and vocational skills, gaining self-confidence and self worth, and realizing personal achievement.