Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Etsy Favorites: Illustration and Art

This time of the year I tend to do much more spring cleaning than in the actual spring. Perhaps because it is a slower time of year for most craft-based businesses, but also there is something about starting a new year that is - well, new! This year I re-assessed my artwork collection and decided to splurge on a few pieces to liven up a stark wall in my house. It was a super fun task, as there are many artists I've been admiring on Etsy whose work is so affordable.

The first print I purchased was from Mincingmockingbird on Etsy. I love this bird and his puffed out chest and the amazing colors. I have a thing for asymmetrical compositions, too, and love all the negative space and the direct star of the bird.

The next print I purchased was actually a photo by Alicia Bock. Except this picture does look a little bit like an illustration. It has a nice, warm antique quality, so perfect!

The last picture I bought was from illustrator AshleyG. She's been on Etsy for a few years and I've always admired her simple, fantastical images. I love this grouping of three bird/human hybrids, simple and fascinating. I look forward to enjoying this piece for a long time

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