Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baltimore (Plant) Life in Winter

Have you been to the Conservatory over at Druid Hill. Many folks know that it's an unexpected jewel in the park filled with exotic plant life and balmy temperatures. See that agave plant behind that kitty? That's about fifteen feet tall and just as wide, it sort of reminds me of Seymour from the movie Little Shop of Horrors because it's so huge! The desert room has a some pretty intimidating, bizarro pointy plants; I highly recommend spending time in it and hanging out with the resident orange cat.

But what's even more terrific is that you can buy the babies of many of these plants! They have shelves lined with cacti, herbs, flowers and other plant oddities for sale at really amazing prices. I wonder how big they can get? I want them all!

Written by The Garbologist's Wife


Designs by Leslie said...

Oh how awesome! I would love to check this place out, thanks for sharing!

prashant said...

- I only use recycled metals, which are more expensive, but totally worth it!

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