Monday, February 22, 2010

What's in a name, greenstarstudio?

Have you ever wondered how and Etsy shop came up with their name? I do all the time. There is no mystery in my name, TheBrokenPlate, it pretty much says it all. So I decided to track some of these mysterious shops down and get the scoop. If there is a shop that you have always been curiuos about, but were to afraid to ask, leave it in the comment box, I wil be happy to play detective for you.
So, What's in a name, greenstarstudio?

Green's been my favorite color for a long time; my first love (Kermit the Frog) was green; the first car i ever REALLY wanted (a lime green beetle) was green and for years one entire room of my home was green... not painted green, but covered, as in "no exposed wall" covered, by green objects (candy wrappers, Frisbees, feathers, trinkets, book covers, toys, game pieces... COVERED). Over time, green came to also relate to certain way of working-- a more eco-conscious way, which is what I hold myself to.

The Star has been my "power symbol" for years; you get a gold star for a job well done; it's the thing that marks "you are here" on a map, they're the things i want to look at every time I'm anywhere near a planetarium; successful people are called "stars", but mostly, its because I relate to the shape as a person (two little pointy feet, two little pointy hands and one pointy head) and to me its says "stability".

When i first cast out to do this professionally (back when I was still in school), I just threw the two words together with "studio", because Illustrators always seemed to have "Studio" in their company name. I chose to run the three words together as one word and to write it in all lowercase, because that's how my name is spelled (danamarie, and my dad "invented it" and everyone always butchered it... which i never really understood caring about until i had my own "baby" to name)... so i named my baby "greenstarstudio".

it was only a few years ago that i realized that greenstarstudio had the same number of letters as danamarie (greenstar) hosler (studio). Thus, i AM a greenstar, afterall. FREAKY!!!

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