Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Olympic Medal Design

I admit it, I am not a big fan of the Olympics. I struggled to find something to get excited about, until I first saw the new medals. These beauties, chosen from 48 submitted designs, were designed by two Canadian artists, Corinne Hunt and Omer Arbel. They are not only stunning to look at, but they were made from 6.8 metric tons of recycled metals from electronics collected from landfills. For the first time the medal will not be flat, but wavy to mimic the landscape of the West Coast and no two medals are alike! To learn all about the medals, please read this article from CBC News. Read more about the design process here.

In a related note, there is still time to vote in the Handmade Olympics!


Anonymous said...

I am voting now! Lovely post!

DFAC said...

They are stunning medals. I had the privilege of framing a gold medal a few years ago and recall the feeling that they are really something special, but these are a step above for certain. Who knows, maybe I'll get one of these in my shop? :)

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