Monday, March 12, 2012

My Favorite Etsy Shop: Treetalker

Treetalker makes me smile - and think. The artist, Rachel Tree Talker, is a painter primarily. (Well, she is on this site. She also makes wonderful pixie hats and scarves and such on her Talk2theTrees site.)

What I love about her is her style and her willingness to share her gift. She paints amazing images of big-eyed girls or fairies like the one here.

And she also loves to paint nature - seen through her eyes, of course.

Her original artwork can sell for up to $300. But she knows that many of us just want to be surrounded by inspiring and beautiful things but don't have either the budget (or, in my case, the wall space) for those. So she also creates 5x7 and 8x10 prints that sell for much less.

And then she uses the images to create jewelry by encasing her own original artwork in plastic. The pendant shown here is a tiny version of the painting above.

She is generous with her gifts, sharing poetry and stories on her blog. She inspires with paintings like this one, which she describes as being inspired by recent events in her life: "Sometimes life rains down on you, and it seems to rain a lot, but we should never forget that it's the rain that brings the blossoms." Words for us all.

Submitted by Marcia Dresner at Wood Art for Living


Unknown said...

Oh my! Thank you so so much for featuring me! This brought the biggest smile to my face!

Alma Boheme said...

I am her biggest fan! She is an awesome crafty little pixie.