Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I'm Working On- For Pet Parents by Heavens to Bessie

Custom work can be so much fun! I was contacted recently by a super fantastic lady, to create a necklace for her that incorporated both the paw and snout of her pup on a necklace. I have done paw prints for a bit now but I have never done a snout, and I so love doing things I have never done before.

Next thing you know the paw/snout necklace was created and shipped off to the other coast. My client was really happy with her necklace and to be honest, it was my favorite thing I had made in quite sometime.

The Snout necklace has found it's way into my shop now and can be hand stamped with a name or date. Take a look!

written by Sara of Heaven's to Bessie 

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