Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get Back to School!

Do you have questions about wholesale? Taxes? Copyright? What about getting great images of your work? Or effectively promoting yourself on the web?

Maintaining a successful business is hard work and can feel overwhelming when you are the person responsible for everything from design to production, accounting, marketing, shipping and sales. It's time to step out of the studio and arm yourself with information. You know how they say 'knowledge is power'? In the business world it's also time, money, success and probably sanity, too.

image by mare.bowe

Register for BEST's first business meet-up at the Creative Alliance this Sunday, January 25th. The meet-up will feature roundtable discussions led by Cynthia Blake Sanders, MD Lawyers for the Arts; Rebecca Cason, former director of the Buyer's Market of American Craft; Jen Menkhaus, working crafter and one of the founders of the Baltimore Street Team; Nita Gale, web designer; Ariella Levin of Baltimore's Best Bookkeeper; and Thomas Wynn, professional photographer.

Practical discussions will include legal and accounting basics; marketing, wholesale and pricing; and looking your best– on the web and in promo photos. Lunch will be provided (mouth-watering white bean hummus sandwiches!), a great time to get connected with other local artists and crafters to make new friends, show off your work, and share ideas. Come join us!

Sun Jan 25. 10am-2:30pm.
Adv reg $25, $20 CA & BEST mbrs. Walk-in $30, $25 CA & BEST mbrs. Includes lunch.

Register here.

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