Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Indie-Pendant Business - Brunie's Bakery

I am far from Vegan, so what I met Tamara of Brunie's Bakery at a craft show last year, I was a bit skeptical that her vegan sweet treats could taste as good as they looked. Well, let me tell you, she does not disappoint! My first treat from Brunie's was a gigantic loaded brownie, which put my egg and milk filled variety to shame! I thought I had found her masterpiece until I tried a a chocolate peanut butter awesome cupcake this year. She had me at whipped peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache!

So, vegan or not, whether you need a birthday, wedding cake, cup cakes for kids with allergies, or just a pick-me-up, consider calling Tamara of Brunie's Bakery for yummy vegan treats that taste as great as they look!


Sweet Pepita said...

My husband would be so disappointed if I didn't bring him a treat (or 3) from Brunie's Bakery whenever I see her selling somewhere. Her desserts are OK. Now I want one.

Elisa Shere said...

My mouth waters! She does make some yummy, yummy stuff.

If you guys ever make it out to Seattle, I recomment Mighty-O vegan donuts. Naughty name, outstanding donuts.

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