Monday, July 12, 2010

Artscape Eats

Artscape is coming! The nation's largest open air arts festival is coming to our hometown. You'll need to plan for a full day or two halves if you want to make an effort at seeing all (or nearly all) of the great artists presenting this year.

Which means, your body's furnace is going to need fuel! I have two suggestions - both of which are more than four blocks south on North Charles Street from the main part of the festival. There are literally dozens of restaurants within a block of the festival proper, but I can tell you, they're going to be packed! So you may get hot and sticky on your 4-6 block walk to the restaurants, but when you get there you'll at least have some breathing room.

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First up - Minato Sushi Bar - 1013 No. Charles Street - on the East side of the street, this is a great place to go if you happen to be there for the show on Friday. For lunch they have a reasonably priced, bento lunch special with good portions. Friday night happy hour offers several good half-price rolls.)

Next - my favourite place in a three-block radius: ThaIrish 804 No. Charles Street - actually my favourite Thai in Baltimore. ThaIrish isn't open until 4pm on Saturday, but it's worth the wait. Don't ask for extra spicy unless you really like extra spicy - I recommend the vegetarian pad thai. It's a tiny place - if it's too crowded inside, take your dinner to go and eat on a bench in the shadow of the monument.

And if you're at ThaIrish Saturday night, I just might see you there!

Post written by Tarabu

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