Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twenty Things -Here Kitty

1. When I was a kid, people called me “Little Roddy” because I looked so much like my dad.
2. I will go to the ends of the earth to help a friend unless they ask me to bail them out of jail.
3. My dream job when I was 10 years old: a race car driver.
4. My dream job when I’m 60 years old: to be a published author.
5. My cat’s full name is Cable Nathan Dayspring Summers Rodriques.
6. Clowns make me very uncomfortable, especially when they smile at me.
7. If it has cute ears and a tail, I want to take it home. Cats, dogs, bunnies, squirrels…
8. I love all kinds of music: classical, hard rock, jazz, rap, techno. The list is endless.
9. One of my dreams is to visit every continent on the planet.
10. If I really want to dance I won’t hesitate to hit the dance floor, even by myself.
11. At various stages of my life, I have been a redhead and a blonde. (I’m a brunette naturally.)
12. If I ever win the lottery, I’m going to change my name and move to Tokyo.
13. I love to read. I’ve been known to tear through a 350 page book in one day.
14. Spinach is my favorite food. Really. I’m not kidding.
15. Apples run a close second.
16. I love Japanese anime and watch it every chance I get.
17. I can be bribed with good chocolate.
18. I hate having my picture taken.
19. I love hugs, giving and receiving them.
20. Making jewelry keeps me (somewhat) sane!

Post written by Here Kitty

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tarabu said...

I may not move to Tokyo with you, but I'll definitely come visit and let you buy me crepes on the ginza!