Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Creativity Everywhere, Even in Your Lunch Box

I found something beautiful today. It's not handmade. It's not "crafted." But it is thoughtfully constructed of durable materials. What is it, you ask? A lunchbox. More specifically, a PlanetBox. It's marketed to parents packing lunches for their kids, of which I have none (except the imaginary kind). But I think it will be perfect for packing my own lunches.
For me, living creatively means bringing creativity and beauty to everything I do, including making lunches. Eating a great lunch is as much about the taste and smell as it is about the colors and the forms. For years, I have been carefully packing individual elements into separate containers for assembly just before eating at the office. Making lunch is a bit like sketching in my sketchbook. It's clearly not as involved as making dinner or putting together a brunch, but the process is just as important.

The bento box approach of PlanetBox allows you to create a work of art in the morning and enjoy it's creativity the moment you open the box on your desk. The stainless steel frames everything perfectly making it look absolutely delicious. Lunch becomes a small work of art waiting for you to enjoy it. Not only that, it eliminates all the plastic tubs and individually packed cheeses. That means less trash and toxins.

PlanetBox looks like the perfect canvas for a creative lunch!
Photos are from where I first discovered this fabulous contraption.

Written by Megan of VanWagonerStudios

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