Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I'm Working On - JerseyGirlDesign and Yummy & Company

About a year ago I had a vision of how I wanted my designs to grow. While finishing school took up most of my time I thought it would just be that, a dream, a goal, but with the motivation and genius of Jen of Yummy & Company, our 'ah-ha' moments have recently started to become reality.

In a Reese's Pieces moment - you got chocolate in my peanut butter!...well you got peanut butter in my chocolate! - our first collaborative effort was to take some of the Yummy Ruffle rings and coat them in resin and glitter. The result was oh so sparkly and lots of fun!
We then took to the bench and tried our hand at soldering. The result was my original vision, to take my glitter collection to a new level, on a smaller scale, with earrings, pendants and eventually rings! The ideas are just flowing, and we're having trouble keeping track of them all! I couldn't be more excited to work on the next ideas we'll come up with, in between the fits of laughter and the trials and errors with our tumbler!
Written by Lauren of JerseyGirlDesign

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