Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baltimore with Babes - McFadden Art Glass

Artist/Owner Tim McFadden pictured with Chandelier at Quiet Waters Exhibit

My sister and I take our daughters every year to make something for them to give our mother for Mother's Day. This year we decided to go to McFadden Art Glass to make some blown glass pieces. I was a little unsure of how the whole project would work out and how much hands on making the girls would actually get to do. I was pleasantly surprised with how things turned out. The atmosphere in Tim McFadden's hot shop is very laid back and fun!

After a little bit of instruction from Tim he got the girls rolling on what they had to do, how they had to hold the pipe, how to keep it rolling in their hands, etc. Step by step he was right there with them teaching and guiding them. Pictured above is my daughter Caroline holding the pipe in the fire so that the bits of colored glass that she had just picked up would begin to melt.

I was really fascinated by the whole the glass will just keep on stretching and mold into whatever shape you want. The girls decided to each make a flower. Pictured above is my youngest daughter Kate pulling out the petals in her flower with the expert guidance of Tim.

Above is my sweet patient Ella finally getting her turn! She is rolling the pipe in the bits of colored glass that will eventually become her flower.

In addition to the hot shop, Tim also has an incredible gallery and shop where you can purchase his amazing artwork. Above is a wall of plates in a beautiful array of colors and designs! Also on the premises is The Glass Grill which is a lovely restaurant where you can get a bite to eat and see some of Tim's unbelievable chandeliers on display. We had such a great time during our visit that Caroline has decided that she wants to have her birthday party there in June.

The Glass Grill has all kinds of fun themed events that tie into Tim's shop...Date Night, Ladies Night, Singles Mingle....the list goes on! The hot shop can accommodate up to 30 people for hands on activities and up to 50 for interactive demonstration. For more information on upcoming events or to book a private party at The Glass Grill visit their website at To see more of Tim's beautiful artwork or book a group in the hot shop visit

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