Monday, May 9, 2011

My Favorite Shop - Mrs Jones Soapbox

One of my current favorite shops is Mrs Jones Soapbox. That's right I'm in love with a shop that makes cleaning supplies! You know what though its not just me my kids were fighting over who got to use what cleaner for what task when our package arrived. Like a good mom who was I to butt in on their happiness when they wanted to CLEAN and clean they did! This is the set we bought.

How cute is this? On the back of the bottles are chalkboard labels you can write on.

To be even more eco friendly you can buy refills that come in repurposed bottles.

My favorite thing about Mrs Jones Soapbox is that the cleaners are all natural with no petro chemicals, and that you can even choose to have your set packaged in glass bottles which is what I did.

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