Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tigerlillyshop = Allison Fomich Upholstery

Vintage Octagon Stool Before

Vintage Octagon Stool After

Some of you may already know that before my button jewelry and botanical nature jewelry ever came to be, I supported myself as an upholsterer. It's true! I apprenticed in Canton at the Old Broom Factory building on Boston St. after I graduated from MICA, oh so long ago in 1998. The skills I learned there have taken me far. I have had lots of experience with interior decorators, antique dealers, and many many customers who need custom upholstery work.

I have worked on many styles of furniture from antique to modern using vinyl, leather, tufting, buttons, channeling... skirting, trim, fringe, cushions, window seats, the list goes on and on. I no longer do boat cushions or recliners (live and learn!)

If you would like to learn more about my work, you can peek into my upholstery workroom thought my the new Facebook Page I recently set up:

I plan on having updates of projects as they move through the shop.

I have a variety of fabric companies that I can order custom fabrics for my customers. Velvets, vinyls, traditional stripes and damasks to contemporary faux suede, animal prints and many more.

Look for me, you might see my new ad in the Urbanite!!!!

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