Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's Go Out for a Mad Men Picnic

I am a huge Mad Men fan! There is one shocking scene in the first or second season, where the Draper family all go out in their new Cadillac for a picnic. They dawn all of the early 60's regalia: the blanket, the picnic basket, Betty's summer dress, the six pack of pull tab beer. The shocking part was when they lifted their picnic blanket and left all of their trash on the ground,
topped with Don throwing his last beer can out into the lake!

Thankfully the ecology movement of the 60's happened and that poor crying Indian commercial! Here are some lovely items I found on etsy for that Mad Men, yet eco friendly picnic:
50's Picnic Plaid Shirtwaist Dress by the Greedy Seagull
1960s Paint Stripe Blouse in Small Earth Vintage
Green Coleman Cooler by Old Green Canoe

written by jennyjen42

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paula said...

What year is the cooler? please email if you know thanks