Friday, April 6, 2012

Follow BEST on Pinterest!

Have you caught the Pinterest fever?  If you haven't, you've most likely heard of this Internet phenomenon at least...a place where you can virtually "pin" things you like to a number of bulletin boards, without covering the walls of your house!  I myself have had to limit the number of times a day that I browse through my friends pins, and every time I go on I find new ideas about what to make for dinner, outfits I want to put together, great ideas for my classroom, as well as adorable photos of baby animals.

There truly is a pin for everyone, and while you need to be invited to join, I would bet you could find at least one person you know to sign you up!

BEST has a group pin board where you can find new and exciting products that are offered in our Etsy shops- go check out our board, and start pinning today!

written by Lauren of JerseyGirlDesign

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