Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to: Bridal Emergency Kit

I recently found myself needing a fun gift for a friend who will soon
be getting married. When I got married, a friend gave me a Bridal
Emergency Kit--a drawstring bag filled with all manner of items that a
bride might need on her big day. Not only was it incredibly useful,
it was a hoot going through the bag at my shower and hearing
everyone's funny stories of wedding day emergencies. As an added
bonus, the bride can just toss the whole thing into her carry-on for
her honeymoon. It was simple to put together. For this gift, I sewed
the toiletry case myself for that extra handmade touch, but you could
also use an easier to make drawstring bag or purchase one if you are short on time.

A gang of recently-wed girlfriends helped compile this list of essentials:

lip balm
breath mints
little folding hairbrush with built-in mirror
lint roller
snack-sized energy bar
safety pins
wet wipes
bobby pins
a sewing kit
clear nail polish
dental floss
hair spray
hand lotion
nail polish remover
small disposable toothbrushes

You've doubtlessly got some shower gifts on your list or at least a
gal at work who is about to get hitched . . . why not throw together
one of these little kits for her?

written by Brita of Beeps' Peeps

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Erin / Miri-love said...

I'd heard white chalk is good in case (heaven forbid) something should get on the dress ;)