Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentines Day - Handmade

With Valentine's Day coming up quick, many people are searching for unique handmade projects.

Last year, my son and I had fun with a homemade card idea we saw online. It was so super easy and turned out really cute.

We took a photo of my son with his arm out, hand in a 'fist'. Printed on cardstock, added text, cut in squares, punched holes, added a lollipop, an voila'.

Source:author, DoxalloDesignsStudio

This is a really sweet project (I think I may make for myself!) that can be left up year round, it's that pretty.

Source: cozycottagecute

Head on over to Cozy.Cottage.Cute to find the 'how-to'.

Another great handmade decoration are these LOVE blocks.

Source: Storiesbymeblog
The sentiment is great, but combining it with photos of you and your loved ones......*swoon*. I'm a goner! If this causes your heart to skip a beat, head over to Stories by Me for the details.

I know that we don't all have time to craft some wicked cool Valentines day cards or decorations. I get it, I do. So if you fall into that category - check out the Valentine related items from our BEST members. 

Written by, Janice of Doxallo Studio

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