Thursday, April 25, 2013

Favorite Etsy Shop-Lovintage Finds

I am a sucker for vintage, almost anything vintage, and Etsy has a large number of really excellent vintage shops. In the end, to stand out, a shop has to have great photography, insightful curation, competitive pricing,and then that certain je-ne-sais quoi that puts it over the top. I guess it's style. Lovintage Finds fits that bill and is always fun to visit. Here are a few items currently for sale. But be aware, merchandise moves fast!

Vintage lab rack with test tubes--how awesome would this be to serve shooters to a crowd?

Vintage Oversized Copper Pot, I love this!! An arrangement of flowers would be so lovely in this, I would put it in my fireplace in the summer months, full of the blossoms of the day.

William Morris said to only have items in your home that you find both useful and beautiful. This mortar and pestle is such an item.

Submitted by Clare Hayes, Fiorella Jewelry

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