Thursday, January 31, 2008

Elisa Shere Jewelry

My name is Elisa and I've lived in Baltimore for 8 months now, with my husband Jeff (the architect) and my little Jack Russel Mix, Louie.

About my creative history:

I was an artist long before I ever realized I would become one. All of my childhood memories, especially the early ones are visual. My memories consist of staring at flowers, at rotting tree trunks, lichen on the forest floor, laying in fields and staring at the sky. Once I became a little older, I gained the desire to make things. I made pottery and enjoyed cooking. I would make salads with every possible color of vegetable.

When I was in high school I met my friends Jill (also a BEST member) and Liz. They became very close friends and we caused no end of trouble. They were also both very talented artists and were in an accelerated art program. I liked to sneak into the class and hang out with them and all other creative people in that class. Right around that time I decided that I wanted to study art in college. I also discovered that I had a real talent for ceramics/pottery, which is what I ended up concentrating in when I got my BFA from Colorado State University.

After college I moved to Seattle and lived there for almost 11 years. I had all sorts of different jobs, and was a member of a really amazing pottery co-op - Pottery Northwest. A couple of years ago I was ready for a creative change and decided to take metalsmithing classes at Pratt Fine Arts, a fantastic facitily with some very inspiring teachers. I am now officially addicted to metalsmithing, and although I do miss pottery, I love the preciousness that jewelry and metal have. I also love the relationship that women have with their jewelry and I strive to make things that women love so much they will wear it every day. Etsy means so much to me because it allows me to be a profitable artist and to be part of an incredible community. I also love shipping my work all over the world. I even had a show in a gallery in Scotland over the holidays.

I look forward to lots of great ventures with BEST, I have been craving this type of local connection.



MeganC said...

I am moving to Charm City in two months and NEED a place to take care of my metalsmithing cravings. Any advice?

SunFrog Originals said...

Hi Elisa, I am just getting into metalsmithing. I am also a member of etsy. SunFrogoriginals. I am looking for classes in the Balrimore area. Do you give lessons or know of someone who does? I am in Bel Air, MD with my husband and Jack Russell (who rules the house!!!) Thanks for any and all help!