Saturday, January 26, 2008

Photograph + Origami = Ready-to-Hang Canvas

This project is just right for all of us who have a ton of photos and not nearly enough frames. Turn flat sheets into miniature wall-ready art that’s perfect either hung alone or grouped in masses to create one giant work.

-Photographs or other art on paper cropped to square
-Straight edge
-Bone folder

Step 1: Begin with a square image (a 6” square sheet will make a 1 3/4” canvas). Lay your paper image side down and lightly pencil in four equal quadrants.

Step 2: Fold each of the square’s four corners to the center point. Use a bone folder to crease the edges.

Step 3: Fold the top and bottom edges of the square to meet at the center. Crease folds, and then unfold. Repeat with the left and right edges. Unfold again.
Step 4: Open two opposite corners of the square.

Step 5: Fold each corner inward to form the sides of your canvas.

Step 6: Fold the two flaps inward and crease against the frame.
Now, turn it over to reveal your ready to hang canvas!

Some hints to make things a little easier…
-Practice with scrap paper before transforming your original artwork
-Using a bone folder is extremely helpful, especially when working with heavier weight papers. It’s not absolutely necessary, but in the end, it will make for a neater piece.
-Check out this video to see the trickier folds being made, but keep in mind that unless you want an X creased into your image, you should follow the steps listed above

Artwork courtesy of Geoffrey Delanoy

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Melanie said...

I love this! This is brilliant! I have a bone tool! And paper! And photos!

Why am I shouting?!?