Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So what does it mean to be the B.E.S.T.?

Here are the Baltimore Etsy Street Team Guidelines, decided upon at the first meeting on January 5, 2008, by members Jen (jenmenkhaus), Leah (curiouszoo), Shannon (sweetpepita), Jeny (jenygwen), Jill (jillpopowichdesigns), Brooke (brookemarton), and Amanda (byamandagotsch).

Purpose - B.E.S.T. is a group dedicating to networking, promoting,
sharing, teaching and doing craft in the Baltimore area.

Goals - We will be a co-operative group, focusing on promoting Etsy,
handmade, each other as artists and B.E.S.T. We will attempt to find
as many outlets and venues for doing this as permitted by the
involvement of the members. We will meet once a month for general
purposes, and more often as needed for skillshare nights, shows, or

Membership - We will be limited to, but not required to have 15 core
members. These members must be active Etsy sellers willing to do
business in the Baltimore area, willing to blog on the group site
several times per month, participate in monthly meetings, and work
with team to achieve the goals and purposes as stated above.
B.E.S.T. will also be open to any other Baltimore area Etsy seller
who wishes to participate, and these additional members will be
encouraged to participate in team activities as well.

Team - Team members should think about ways to promote the team,
whether via Etsy Treasuries, personal blogs or websites, and
participation in shows. All team members should be active promoters
in order to be considered for team blog space, show space, and other

Translation - If you are a core member, you MUST be involved. If you
are not a core member, we will ask for your help from time to time if
you would like to benefit from membership. We're all busy people, and
we know you are too - so we promise not to ask too much!


Juliet said...

Go Team BEST! Just did a blog post to announce the team blog.

annie said...

awesome! good job guys! will be checking out the blog daily :)

The Creative Corner said...

This is great! I'll also blog about the team!!