Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Finds: Beyond Candy and Flowers

How often have you gone visiting friends and brought your host or hostess candy or flowers? And you know that the flowers will wilt and the candy will be eaten and forgotten in a week or so.

Why not bring something that they will use over and over again, and that will add beauty and the warmth of handmade to their lives. Consider some of these from BEST members instead:

Tea towels from Fuzzy Mug.

A welcome mat like this Zen Happiness one from DamnGoodDoormats.

A wood salad or serving bowl from Wood Art for Living.

Search the sites shown here, or type baltimoreetsyteam or shopbaltimore10 into the Etsy search bar and find something your host or hostess will treasure!

Submitted by Marcia of Wood Art for Living

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