Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ways to Say I Love You

I hear that Valentine's Day is on its way. This has never been a holiday that my husband and I have really least not in a very traditional way.

Last year for instance, hubby surprised me by coming home and telling me to get ready to go out to dinner and that we could go any where I wanted to go. Any where?

Well my job is not exactly the type you dress up for as I end up most days covered in polishing compound and metal shards and I was really not feeling like changing. I also was hungry and didn't feel like waiting for a table which is almost impossible on Valentine's Day. My only solution to this....SPORTS BAR!

So we headed on over to the sports bar around the corner and were seated immediately. (Shockingly no one goes to places like this on Valentine's one but us) Guess what! It was all you could eat wing night! Amazing right?!?!

That night I told my husband I loved him over greasy chicken wing fingers and whatever beers were on special that night, by making this for him.
It was the kind of romance that spoke right to my man's heart.

I have talked about it before, but I have found myself creating necklaces these days with seemingly random thoughts stamped on them. If you knew me, you would know they are not random but the deep, true loves in my life. I will stay on this course as long as I can come up with meaningful things to say like my newest piece...
Now tell me, what could say "I Love You" better than this? I would love to hear the ways you all say "I Love You". Well, the innocent way that is. 

Written by Sara of Heavens to Bessie

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