Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Valentine's Day Scarf

Here is how to make a simple scarf for Valentine's Day. First, stretch the blank silk scarf onto a frame.
Mix the colors. I am using light and dark pinks and reds for this one. In order to see how the colors will look on the silk, I paint little swatches on a square of silk stretched over a cardboard box.
To get soft, blended colors spray the blank scarf all over with water. You must finish all of the painted before the water dries. Start with the lightest color and paint splotches of different sizes throughout the scarf.
Do this with successively darker colors until the entire scarf is covered.
After the scarf is dry place it between layers of unprinted newsprint paper. You can add other finished scarves. Roll into a bundle and suspend it in the steamer. I made my steamer from my stock pot and some kind of pipe I found a Home Depot that just happened to fit perfectly. Steam for four hours.
After steaming hand wash the scarf using detergent and rinse until the water runs totally clear. Iron while still damp and your scarf is ready to wear or wrap as a special gift. Enjoy!
By Susan Brandt

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