Monday, March 25, 2013

The Loading Dock

You could build a house with what people throw away. At least, according to The Loading Dock.

The Loading Dock is a building materials reuse facility open since 1984 located at 2 North Kresson Street in Baltimore, MD 21224. It offers great deals and interesting finds to people who need inexpensive building materials and are interested in keeping materials out of the waste stream. Its mission is to increase the supply and use of affordable building materials for housing and community improvement by redirecting landfill bound, reusable materials into productive use.


And, if you are not planning on building a house there's a lot of treasure for crafters.

For example, broken and whole tile.

The broken tile is $.50/box BYOB (bring your own box)

Outdoors the loading dock has granite and marble pavers, bricks and slate.

I've been using slate as framing for wall hangings with small squares of my hand-painted silk and as canvas for my graffiti painting.

The square pieces on either side of the slate on the bottom row are actually mounted on vinyl tile. The Loading Dock has tile, both vinyl and ceramic, but these were not from there.

Check out The Loading Dock for materials both practical and creative.

Written by Susan Brandt

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