Friday, March 15, 2013

What I'm working on - SMALL

When I first began making jewelry I worked mostly with beads and wire which were of a 'traditional' size.

Later, when I learned to solder, I fell hard and heavy into the land of LARGENESS. I discovered stones cut into cabochons of all sizes but was really drawn to those of a larger size with amazing colors and patterns. And the resulting pieces of jewelry were beautifully big and bold.

Handcrafted Artisan Ring - Sterling and Gemstone
Big and Bold Ring - Doxallo Studio
Although I have moved away from some of the larger stones, most of my work is still on the bold side and trends towards being big.

Until recently.

More recently I began using more faceted stones which are naturally smaller than many of the large cabochons I had been compulsively buying.

For the past year or two I have been using faceted stones ranging in size from about 2.00 mm to 8mm.

However, now, I have gone even smaller. Now, I am working with tiny stones that range in size from 1.25mm to 1.75.

This ring showcases a lovely 2.0 mm sapphire:
Sterling Silver Stacking Rings Set - with gemstone
Stacking Sterling Silver and Sapphire Rings from Doxallo
It may not sound like a big difference, but going from 2.00mm to 1.5mm is HUGE (in a tiny way).

My magnifying head gear really doesn't quite give me the clarity that I need so, after much consideration, I made one of the largest investments in my shop - a microscope. It allows me to see an incredible amount of detail.

This ring was made prior to the scope and while it turned out lovely, it was a real challenge for me (with my decreasing eyesight) to set the smaller (1.5mm) clear stones.

Handcrafted Art Jewelry - Sterling Silver and Topaz  Ring
Topaz (blue&white) Ring by Janice Fowler of Doxallo Studio

In order to complete work that is to my standards I simply HAVE to be able to see the tiniest variations in the metal as it skims the top of the stone to hold it in place. The microscope will give me that level of vision so I can be confident that I am sending out quality jewelry. 

Presently I am working on adjusting my scope to my height and eyes and I can't wait to begin working 'under' it so that I can begin expanding the use of these tiny stones in my work!

Miscroscope for stone setting
Scope in the studio, Doxallo Studio

Stay tuned for new jewelry with tiny stones!

Post written by Janice Fowler of Doxallo Studio and Doxallo Designs

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