Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another Kind of Green

Shopping locally does much more for our community than save the fossil fuels it takes to ship products produced in another country to the United States and then truck them from one cost to the other and back again. It keeps money in our neighborhoods.

It's pretty well known that local businesses tend to be good at giving back to the community by donating merchandise, profits and time to local charities. Already, in just one month, members of BEST have raised $476.70 for the animals at the Maryland SPCA. We've been super busy asking our friends and family for donations and giving percentages of our sales. There is still time for you to help, too!

You can donate directly through our pack page. Thank you so much for all of your donations and support!


Fall 2011 said...

hey! there's mason. great post, shannon. thanks for helping get the word out there. :) (hi jake!)

miscelena said...

Thanks for posting about this - and great job with the photos! That's my Links with his favorite boy! :)