Saturday, April 26, 2008

B.E.S.T. at Eco Fest!

What a gorgeous day, and we met some lovely people! Thanks to SweetPepita, JenyGwen, and TheBrokenPlate for hanging out with me!


Juliet said...

MAN! I can't believe the weather. I feel like such an ass for not doing my show. Unfortunatly, I could not change my mind because I relieved my sis of babysitting duties too.

Hope you guys had fun! I'll be there next year!

Sweet Pepita said...

Wow, everyone was so nice here! And it's always a pleasure to do a show in my own backyard! I just wish I had been feeling better. blah. Sorry, everyone who wasn't able to hear or understand me. Daggon pollen!

elisasjewels said...

The show was fantastic, as were the BEST women! Your work and booths looked amazing, I love the pin I got from Jen M (I haven't taken it off).