Tuesday, April 29, 2008

greenstarstudio: shop and save lives

buy handmade and help support the American Cancer Society!

on the heels of such success last month (sponsoring the MD SPCA), greenstarstudio is OFFICIALLY sponsoring a different charity each month and donating 5% of the profits from all etsy profits to the chosen cause. The charities will be listed along the side bar, with opportunities for people to donate anytime they want, directly to the cause, long after the designated month ends.
as an artist and a small business owner, it makes me proud to know i can make decisions and rally for change in a way that big chains and factories can't. i make art to change lives, simply put. And now, you can purchase art, to change lives.

and its with that, that i introduce the May cause of the month: the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. i'm not sure i know ANYONE who hasn't lost a loved one to cancer; who hasn't helped a friend with their own battle; who hasn't been affected, in some way, by this disease. I am choosing to support this cause, and this relay team in particular, because my brother-in-law, Bob, lost his mother, Connie, to ovarian cancer when he was in high school. and because the first funeral i ever attended was during my 7th grade year; my best friend called my house in tears in the middle of the night because her mother had lost her battle with breast cancer. and because it's the only way i know how to help the survivors and those struggling and fighting their own battle--- i can't cure it, by i can sure as heck help raise money for the those who might be able and all those who need them to.

from now until June 1st, 5% of ALL etsy sales etsy will donated to Carrie & Bob's team.

I've just completely re-vamped and stocked the etsy shop... so go ahead and UN-STOCK it!

If you'd like to skip the purchasing part and just make a donation directly, please go here: make a donation

thank you so much.
peace, health and lots of love.
xoxo, danamarie

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that's so great, Dana!