Saturday, April 5, 2008

Crafty Casting Call (How to Get on TV)

Crafters get your 5 mins of fame! The producers of HGTV's "Creative Juice" are casting for a new show all about crafting! It will be guest based and I am suspecting you would be demonstrating your craft. But wouldn't it be great if it was challenge oriented like "Project Runway?" That would really pique my interest.

Imagine me, furiously firing my enamels in my kiln, down to the wire, my pieces keep melting because I am so distracted by the other contestants bickering, sawing, hammering, and constant whir of their sewing machines- cut to my confessional, where I break down sobbing pleading that "it's not my turn to go home."

And then the runway- or maybe it will be a booth display, it's between me and one other crafter. There is a guest craft buyer weighted down by her bags of purchases. Her gaze sweeps over my work, then she hesitantly touches one of my pendants, almost, almost she lays it back down and moves to the next booth.

Heidi Klum appears, and the familiar line is delivered, 2 kisses, and it's back to Charm City for me.

Sigh, but this is not for me, or for anyone over the ripe old age of 28- yep, that's right! That is the one outstanding pre-requisite. So all you young whippersnapper crafters "get your craft on" and apply, I am positively ancient and have "aged out." Now where's my cane, I've got to get back to work!

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