Thursday, June 12, 2008

Artomatic Marketplace

By now we've all heard about the outrageously huge art event happening in the NoMa neighborhood of DC. Last Saturday the Artomatic Electric Stage (that is, a large, still unfinished space on the first floor) was the site of an equally diverse art sale. Twenty-six vendors, some of whom sell regularly at DC's Eastern Market (hint, hint!) set up small displays and chatted up visitors to DC's Second Annual Artomatic Marketplace, hoping to find buyers for their works.

Original paintings, vintage photographs, paper goods, stained glass and ceramics; nearly every type of art and craft was represented. Miscelena Handmade Papercrafts had a banner day, selling nearly 1/3 of my inventory (!) and arranging some potential retail and custom order possibilities.

Other local Etsy participants this year included Monique from Three Muses Art and Lourdes from Glass on the Square Having first learned about Etsy during last year's Artomatic Marketplace from Rania Hassan, Sean Hennessey and Sarah of Fort Cloudy (a former Baltimore Etsyian now based in Seattle!), this year's redux was not only a lucrative selling event and a fun opportunity to network, but a chance to pass along the 'good news' about Etsy to other
artisans as well.

image from Hillary Woznica

The lively, creative, and patient organizer of this year's Marketplace, Tammy Vitale, is a sculptor whose works can be seen at I'm hoping she'll be an Etsy seller soon, and I also hope to see Hilary Woznica's fabric cards, Ginny Kinsey's illustrations, and Eileen Colton's original rock-and-roll
photographs on Etsy soon, too!

Post written by Miscelena

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TammyVitale said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm actually a user of Etsy already but do not pay the extras to be promoted and in two years have not had even one I don't know how to use it to it's best or it's not my demographic.