Thursday, June 26, 2008

Twenty Things - Jen Menkhaus

Twenty things you didn't know about me, by jenmenkhaus

  1. I have an unreasonable, unrelenting fear of spiders.
  2. Mayonnaise grosses me out.
  3. I have always wanted to go to India.
  4. My hair used to be pink.
  5. I stayed up all night to read the last Harry Potter book.
  6. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be sushi.
  7. I saw Moulin Rouge five times in the theatre the first week it came out.
  8. I can always justify spending money on shoes.
  9. I miss Jeff Buckley.
  10. I am terrible at gardening.
  11. I make coffee so sweet, it tastes like candy.
  12. The most difficult thing I have ever done was ride a bike in San Francisco.
  13. Among the jobs I have had – dog groomer, ice cream scooper, produce stand attendant.
  14. My husband proposed to me at the Haunted Mansion / Nightmare Before Christmas ride in Disneyland.
  15. I can do math in my head.
  16. I speak enough French to get by. I can swear in Spanish or Italian, and I know the words for “beer”, “jewelry”, “vegetarian”, and “thank you” in German and Czech.
  17. I actually like playing video games, although I rarely do.
  18. I once drove to Boston on a whim.
  19. No one believes this, but I am actually an introvert.
  20. I would move to London in a second.

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Sweet Pepita said...

Oh my god! We have so much in common it's scary! OK... back to work!

VW Studios said...

Oooh.. I felt the same way. And, like the format. Great idea!

Sugarloaf said...

I wish I could do math in my head. I hate math!

Yummy & Company said...

we gotta get together and compare our coffee sweetness! I love mine overly sweet too!

Yummy & Company said...

by the way 20 a GREAT idea!

AlizaEss said...

cute pic! this was so fun to read :)