Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Remember how thrilling it was to get real, honest-to-goodness mail? Not bills, of course, but the days of pen pals and packages? Granted, mail today still arrives, in the form of Ebay purchases and cool Etsy stuff (!), but surprises are few and far between.

The awesome folks over at Swap-Bot.com decided to bring back those days of penpaling on a new level, and use the speed and ease of the Internet as means of realizing their vision. The husband and wife team of Rachel and Travis Johnson to create a venue for swaps of handmade goods, foods, and media.

The swaps are divided into approximately 25 categories, including handmade, jewelry, paper goods, and thrift store. The members can create swaps based around the guidelines, such as a handmade earring swap, movie quotes bookmark swap, or a mixed CD containing songs on a particular theme.

The swap partners are assigned using a random generator, then it’s time to look at your partner’s profile detailing the likes, dislikes, allergies, etc, and create a special gift for them! It’s a wonderful way to relax and let your creativity flow, and how fun is it to receive a special package in the mail created especially for you by a fellow crafty swap-botter?

Post written by GwenWalls

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Juliet said...

how fun is that!!!