Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baltimore Life: Duckpin Bowling

I drive past this little bowling center every time I head into downtown. This sign with pins and a bowling ball stares back at me on Eastern Ave. every time I drive past it. Well, I recently killed an afternoon there with some friends and was pleasantly surprised to find another living vintage gem on this side of the city!

They say today Patterson Bowling Center is the oldest operating duckpin bowling alley in the nation. And it is right here for all to enjoy in Baltimore!

This game is played a bit differently than traditional tenpin bowling. Duckpins are smaller than regular tenpin bowling pins. Their tiny size goes just perfectly with their corresponding 2-3 lb bowling balls. They are not very heavy, there are no holes in these balls, but are small enough for even young children to handle. The automatic scoring system makes it extra easy for the novice to keep up. And when it's your turn, instead of 2 tries, you get 3. You need 3, because this game is more of a challenge than you think!

Check this place out during their open play hours of some inexpensive entertainment this winter season. It's BYOB and you can have food delivered. Definitely makes for a memorable event full of old school Baltimore charm.

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Kathy said...

I LOVE duckpin bowling! It's stupid fun!