Monday, December 14, 2009

My three Things

Anyone who lived in the D.C. area during the '80s and '90s remembers the great old radio station WHFS and Weasel the DJ. Weasel had a daily feature called "My Three Songs"; in this game, he would present three songs that had a common thread, theme, or leitmotif, and the object was for the listeners to guess what it was.

Here are three items by Etsy artists. What do they have in common? Give your answer in the comments below!

Vintage Vodka Tonic Cocktail Necklace by dustDesignCo

Sugar Plum Fairy Art Tags by mulberymuse

Recycled Mink Ring by Artjewelryonline


Yummy and Company said...

components of your last new year's eve party?

Designs by Leslie said...

If you drink too much vodka you might flit around like a fairy and wake up with your tongue feeling furry?

Janice said...

Well, they are all 'vintage' I guess......but also, they all have a 'frame'. :)

These are HARD!!!

FuzzyMug said...

ironwork design?

annasoc said...

Russian things: vodka, ballet, furs?

The guesses are what's fun.
Anna S.

Jill Popowich Designs said...

Ha, you got it. Things that make me think of Russia. Although, I gotta say I like Leslie's thinking on that one.