Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trim That Tree!

Every year I seek out a new ornament for the tree, something unique, fun and hand made of course! Here a few of my favorite etsy finds this year.

Gingerbread zombie man by Living Thread!

I know I need this copper Boxer dog ornament by White Dog Art. They have many different breeds if you are not a Boxer lover like me!

Beautiful hand blown glass ornament by In The Light Glass Work for my traditional side.

BEST'S own Jenny Jen's felt Owl Ornament- he maybe hanging around all year.

Powder coated steel ornaments by Megan Auman, for the metal smith in me.


Emily said...

I absolutely love Megan's work! It is gorgeous.

VW Studios said...

That ginger bread man has to be the saddest looking ornament I've ever seen!