Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Is it me, or is everybody pregnant all of a sudden? There are babies, both actualized and in potentia, everywhere in my life these days (including a constantly rotating roster of BEST mommies!). If you’re like me, it seems like you’re always on the lookout for baby gifts, whether for showers or to send after the birth announcement has come out. Here are a few great suggestions!
You absolutely can’t go wrong with a baby hat, and this adorable pixie number from BEST’s own Sweet Pepita is a sure-fire hit. Insider tip: keep an eye out for the occasional collaboration with The Littlest Bean , when these great hats are embellished with darling felt flowers that up the cute factor by at least ten.
The trick to giving a useful gift at a baby shower is to be thoughtful without being presumptuous. Beautiful burp cloths like these from TrulyBella are a can’t-miss idea – everybody needs them, you can’t have too many, and handmade with style? They’re perfect.

Sure, baby showers are generally about the baby gifts – but don’t forget about Mama! Pamper her with a thoughtful gift like this luxury spa set for those sore pregnant footsies from BEST’s own Spa Therapy Works. And if you’re at a co-ed shower, with both parents present, why not give them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant, to help them take time out together for themselves in their remaining time before baby?

Finally, if you’re sending a baby gift to a far-away friend or relative, one of my favorite indie business success stories will be sure to impress. Baby Bunch offers beautiful bouquets made of baby gear! Each bouquet includes a variety of useful baby items, like onesies, burp cloths, and socks, and they come in blue, pink, and neutral yellow. They even offer an organic bouquet.
Written by Jamaila of Anapurna

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