Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vote for Tigerlillyshop in the Etsy & Kaboodle Floral Jewelry Contest!

Please vote for my ring!

Etsy's marketing team has been working with Kaboodle to do some cross promotion. They did a blog post in the Storque a few weeks ago: Tips for success for everything Kaboodle related here.

Tigerlillyshop's Red Cherry Blossom ring has been singled out, along with 47 other Etsy finds, to be in a contest for the best Floral Jewelry. To win, my ring must receive the most hearts by Kaboodle’s community of savvy shoppers. If I win, I get some great free promotion on the Kaboodle site!

*I will be prominently featured in a Winning Designer’s Circle within Kaboodle’s new Indie Channel
*I will receive winner badge that announces that my ring product won the Kaboodle contest
* My ring and I will be promoted throughout the Kaboodle site.

With your vote, YOU are entered into a random drawing for a chance to win a $100 PayPal gift certificate offered by Kaboodle!

I would be thrilled to get the promo from this contest. Voting ends on August 23rd, so don't delay! I encourage all my fans and friends of BEST to vote for me. Any promo I get, I carry my BEST team along with me!

Thanks for your vote in advance!