Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What I'm Working On: Spa Therapy Works

I've been busy in my soap studio lately working on Spa Therapy Works' fall line. All the warm colors, cozy textures and cool fresh air make Fall to be my favorite season for work inspiration.

For this fall, I have 3 new oil-free exfoliating body cleansers to be released. They're body sugar scrubs with whipped soap, so you get your skin exfoliated and clean at the same time.

The scents are: Caramel Apple, Spiced Orange & Clove, and Cinnamon Sugar. These scents scream FALL to me.

Since my studio time is very limited now that I have a charming (and somewhat demanding) 7 months old baby girl, I've been keeping all the freshly made body scrubs in tubs and will be filling containers as they sell. They look like homemade ice cream!

Now all I need to work on is designing the labels, and they will be ready for their debut.

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