Thursday, July 14, 2011

ArtScape Starts Tomorrow!

Wow, this is the fourth year of the DIY section and BEST’s fourth year at Artscape. Ah, the things we’ve seen, the good times and fond memories we’ve shared. I'm sure we'll have some great stories to share this year.

Today’s question of the day:
What is your wildest Artscape memory?

Charms City Company (key necklace)
Our wildest Artscape memory was watching our friend John topple down the hill behind the port-a-pots after slipping in a puddle on the hill. John was mad.

JennyJen42 (new patchwork potholders with felt applique birdies)
Well....there was the hooker selling her jewelry on a piece of folded cardboard that she was open up to show the right customer, the rock opera people and their outfits, as well as the time that Artscape was at the same time as Ode-con, the anime' comic convention downtown, and all of those crazy costumes were there.

Jill Popowich Designs in Metal (new sterling silver cicada necklace)
Spending a whole weekend with my BEST gals. We always have fun and find ways to make the time fly... like playing Artscape bingo!

Block Party Press (bent arrow necklace)
I think I've permanently blocked the wildest memory out of my mind for my own sanity.  I just know it was scary.  I do remember admiring a woman's necklace from afar only to realize that it was 2 baby pythons when she came closer. 

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