Friday, July 15, 2011

ArtScape is here! Right now!

We are all set up and finally relaxing after a fury of making. Come down and see us, get a jumpstart on the weekend.

Today’s question of the day:
Artscape is known for being the hottest weekend in July, any tricks for
staying cool?

Yummy & Company (new item:feathers on chevrons in my newest color-plum!)
I freeze a bunch of water bottles before I leave in the morning and drink them all day long!

Greenstar Studio (new felt plush)
Fans. Lots of fans. I've worked out a pretty good "cross breeze" system over the past 6 years. Also, Ice. Lots and lots of ice.

Jersey Girl Design (Sparkly ring in brown)
I've got my little misting fan...and am hoping the rumors of a kiddie pool are true :)

Design by Night (Peacock facinator)
Design by Night's big "tool" purchase this year was a whoop daddy top of the line Coleman cooler on wheels with a retractable handle. I plan on loading that bad boy up with all sorts of chilled beverages (maybe some rum punch) and a few freezer packs that I can strategically place to cool my butt off!

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