Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Countdown to Artscape!

Artscape is just days away and with so many BEST members participating this year (some new to Artscape, some are old vets) we thought it would be fun to get their take on things through a series of questions .

Today’s question of the day:
What most excites (or terrifies) you about being a vendor at Artscape?

Open Eyes Press (new smaller size screen prints)
I am mostly excited about being able to meet lots of people. The only thing I'm really terrified about is the anticipated heatwave!

Namoo (new baby ball mobile)
I have been a big fan of ArtScape since I moved to Maryland about 6 years ago and keep such fond memories of the event. This is my first time being a vendor at ArtScape. Being a part of a show that I had always enjoyed excites me the most but also terrifies me for the same reason.

Whoop (fabric and bead necklace)
I'm most excited about meeting other people who love handmade goods.

Tigerlilly Shop (Kimono Button Ring)
The sheer hours of the show are both exhilarating and exhausting.

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