Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I'm Working On: Fiorella Jewelry

I know it sounds weird and maybe a little obnoxious to be thinking of holiday merchandise now. Recently, however, in one of their marketing emails to sellers, Etsy recommended getting holiday items up now since they and other merchandisers start planning holiday pages in the summer. This gave me a bit of a brain wave. I have seen the lovely wedding corsages made from vintage brooches, and had thought of trying my hand at one of those. But then it occurred to me to try to make a wreath.
Now I am working on a silver wreath. Those brooches are harder to find, but when it's done I hope it will be beautiful. Anyway, I made a couple necklaces, some pins, a ring and a belt buckle so far. Since we have a new baby in our extended family this year I hope Christmas will be more special than ever.

Written by Clare of Fiorella Jewelry

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