Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vintage Dressing for the Holidays

The Holidays are finally upon us...which usually means lots of opportunities to get dressed up, and sometimes kick up your heels. Why not make those heels, that dress, and even some bling to accompany it all vintage this year? You might be doing your wallet, and the planet, a favor. Plus it's safe to say, you won't look around and see someone else in your outfit. Here are just a few items available at Etsy. For more ideas, just search the etsy vintage section, you will be amazed at the options out there.

Vintage Chiffon party Dress from Anna Yergat

Add a sweet little cardi to this and you are set!

If Green is more your color, how about this?

Gorgeous 70s era drape sleeved emerald party dress from Victoria Westbury.

Now for those shoes....

These ballet style patent pumps from SoLo Vintage Shop are a serious steal....if they fit me they'd be in my cart now.

And last but certainly not least...vintage bling just has that certain something.

Long 70s pendant fringe necklace from BasyaBerkman.

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