Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What I'm Working On: Kitchen Tools

Early on, when all we had was a mini-lathe, Norm turned some ice cream scoops and pizza cutters for us to use, and to give as gifts to family and friends. We use our ice cream scoops every day (someone loves his ice cream!) and love the feel and look of using a real wood scoop.

Two years and two lathes later, we've decided to sell them on our Etsy shop and at craft shows (see below), and we've expanded the line beyond ice cream scoops and pizza cutters. We discovered a source for cheese planes and for really elegant, solid salad servers and have added both of them for sale as well.

We use a variety of woods for all of the implements, and the shapes of the handles vary as well, to accommodate different size hands. Here are some examples.

A brass ice cream scoop with a Cocobolo wood handle

A pizza cutter with a Honey Locust wood handle

A salad server set of East Indian Rosewood

Turning these is quite a change from the clocks and bowls that we've done before. It is fun to see people picking them up at shows, and we know that they will be enjoyed by the people buying them, or, this time of year, the people that they're giving them to as presents.

Submitted by Marcia Dresner at Wood Art for Living

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