Monday, September 24, 2012

Favorite Etsy Shop: BeautiSHE

This fabulous Etsy shop, BeautiSHE that is located in California, takes reclaimed items such as mirrors, wall hangings and candle sconces and turns them into great new pieces that would brighten up any room in your house. Check out a selection of their items below.

Your CHOICE of Color.... Set of Two Upcycled Painted Vintage Homco Candleholders

Aqua, Teal, Greys and Greens - Modern Ornate Frames Set of 6 Upcycled Painted Frames 

Bright Owl family Teal Lime Green Aqua Yellow Upcycled Vintage Metal Owl trivets 

Modern Candlesconce Collection of 4- Teal Gray Grey Green Aqua.. Upcycled Ornate Scrolly wall modern candleholders 

Large Vintage Yellow Ornate Mirror 

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